Lookaroo Kids Logo 2023

We believe in Safe Searching for kids.

So we built a safe search platform jam-packed with kid-friendly features and content created and chosen specifically for them.

Safe Search Platform Purpose-built for Kids.

Children can search links, videos and images from a vetted list of age-appropriate, hand-picked links. Every piece of content is vetted by our trusted team.


Search History Monitoring.

Parents can monitor what a child searches and what they actually click on, so they can be a part of their education and learning journey and know when a child needs extra support.


Filter Specific Keywords.

Parents can customize each profile and block searchable terms. That way your children are only searching terms/ themes you want them to.


Block Ads In-app.

We’ve removed all ads. Our in built ad-blocker ensures your child isn’t tricked by secret ads disguised as content and helps them stay focused on the content that matters.


Page Readibility Scores.

All links and content have been rated according to readability levels for so children and parents can identify with like are more appropriate for them.